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Chapter One Empty Chapter One

Post by Chasezzz on Tue Feb 16, 2016 7:38 pm

“I promise. You guys are going to love this place.” Mom said enthusiastically, keeping one hand on the wheel and the other waving in the air. She’d planned our move the day after she gotten the job offer. So, of course, we uprooted ourselves and shipped off for Snowridge. Mom had always been that kind of person though, living in the moment, seizing the day; didn’t matter what anyone else left behind.
Drew was taking this worse than I was. He’d never had good luck with girls, (I never said that) and he’d finally gotten his first girlfriend, Anna. She was nice, maybe not the smartest, but being friendly went a long way with me. They promised they’d try long distance, but I’m only giving it a month or two. That kind of relationship requires commitment, and humans are prone to exhaustion.
“Did you guys look at the school?” Mom asked as we drove by. “This is where you’ll be going.”
“Yeah, for a month or two,” Drew muttered from the back of the car. I could feel the irritation radiate through the vehicle.
“Oh, don’t be like that Drew. Think of this as an adventure! It’s going to be fun. New people, new friends, new opportunities, right?”
“Sure, but who are those opportunities for, Mom? Us or you?” I flinched at his words even though I agreed. Drew always went where I never dared to go. The car fell silent, and after I could take no more I put my headphones in to drown out the quiet.
The school did look nice, though. Red brick going three stories high that ascended to a vaulted roof in the center of it. I’d never seen a school this big. A massive clock adorned the center of the tower, keeping the time with its authoritative hands. A court yard extended in front of the school, plants of all different colors were blooming, getting covered by the rain that was falling steadily today. Definitely didn’t look like our old school. With its one story, shitty library, bad cafeteria, worse people. Right now it seemed more inviting than this place.
“Drew, let’s grab those big boxes over there.” I pointed to the largest that we’d brought. I thought it might be better to get the hardest part out of the way now while we had our motivation. No doubt Mom would stop helping after her first few trips. Always had a new email to answer, new person to send ‘business texts’, new person to call. Drew walked over to me and picked up one end of the box, I grabbed the other and we shuffled into the house while mom stood over the black marble counter, looking at her phone; guess she decided to quit early.
“Goddammit” Drew muttered to himself as he struggled his way into the house with a box.
I reached down to grab another, feeling a little relieved that we were more than halfway done. It was still raining, though. It would be perfect to be sick going to class on the first day of school.
“Hey, you need some help!” A voice called from down the street causing me to jerk up and hit my head on the trunk in the process.
“Shit” I clutched my head and looked to see a man in a neon green hoodie, shorts and black tights running this way.
“You alright?” He asked, catching his breath as he came up to me.
“Yeah, I was just checking to see if the trunk door was sturdy.”
“Right,” he said, not bothering to shame me further. “So, you’re the people who bought this place?”
“Yep, we’re the people. I’m Kate.” I held out my hand.
“Patrick,” he said, giving me a firm handshake.
“You run in this weather?” I asked, pointing to the steady rain that was falling around us.
“Yeah, you get used to the weather.”
“It rains a lot here?” He nodded.
Oh, fuck me.

“Anyway, do you want some help?” Patrick said, pointing toward the boxes still left in the trunk.
“I don’t want to impose or anything.”
“No don’t worry about it. If I didn’t want to help I wouldn’t offer.” I shrugged; fair enough I guess.

“Alright then, get grabbin’ Patrick.” He chuckled as I took the box I had pulled forward in the trunk and took it into the house. Drew was looking around, taking in the new scenery before he went back out for another box. “Hey, we got new help.” I said as put my box on the floor next to the kitchen. Patrick followed behind me, putting his box next to mine.
“Who’s this?” Drew asked, looking at Patrick.
“Patrick, and you are?”
“Nice to meet you.” Patrick said with a smile that Drew didn’t return.
“Yeah, well as long as you’re better help than mom.” Drew said as he walked back outside. Patrick glanced at me and I shrugged in a that’s-just-Drew kind of way.
“Thanks for your help,” I told Patrick as Drew carried the last box inside.
“Yeah, no problem,” he said, putting his headphones back in his ears. “See you around, Kate. Enjoy the neighborhood.” Patrick jogged off into the rain, I watched him for a few moments; his calf muscles flexing with power when his feet slapped the asphalt, I wonder what he was listening to. Maybe I’d like it.
“Kate!” Drew yelled, scaring me into the now closed trunk.
“Christ Drew, what the hell is it?”
“Get your ass inside. It’s freezing out here.” I grumbled on the way in, giving him a swift kick as I passed by. He cussed and I laughed.
Hours later we had the most important stuff unpacked. Mom had went out to get groceries, (probably the most productive thing she would do for us this week) leaving Drew and I by ourselves. I spent most of the time wandering the house. It was bigger than our last, two stories and a cherry wood staircase leading to the family room that we wouldn’t use. Maybe I’d convert it to my space.
I found Drew outside on the porch smoking his shitty Skylines, watching the rain that hadn’t stopped falling. “Finished exploring the house?” He asked, not turning to look at me.”
“Yeah, I got tired, might venture back in later; try to find a secret room or something.” I said, leaning against a wooden pillar on the porch. It was peaceful out here, the sound of rain, Drew’s steady exhale, his lit cigarette glowing softly.
“Ready to start new life number 15 tomorrow?” he asked.
“No, not really. Are you?” He shook his head, I knew he missed Anna. It was written all over his face. “She’ll call soon” I said, trying to be reassuring.
“I know.” He tossed his finished cigarette into the yard and reached for another.
“Alright, I’m going back in. See you in the morning.” I left Drew to his cigarettes and made for the downstairs living room. He came back in an hour later smelling of rain and cigarettes. I had a feeling I’d be smelling that more often in the days to come.


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Chapter One Empty Re: Chapter One

Post by Angie on Tue Feb 16, 2016 7:41 pm

This is very well written. The dialogue flows really well. Your description is always my favorite part. I like Kate, and I sympathize with Drew. Also, Patrick reminds me of Chris Traeger. Write and post more of this please.

Favorite part: I found Drew outside on the porch smoking his shitty Skylines, watching the rain that hadn’t stopped falling.

It was peaceful out here, the sound of rain, Drew’s steady exhale, his lit cigarette glowing softly.

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