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Post by Jennycat_92 on Sat Feb 06, 2016 10:32 pm

A Little Detour

Genny made her way to the exit of the airport. After a two hour wait the lady at the desk had told her that her flight had been detained and wouldn’t be taking off until morning. With the weather being weird lately she wasn’t too shocked just pissed off. Where could a girl get a drink around here is what she wanted to ask the big eighties hair lady but contained herself. It wasn’t the woman’s fault but still she wanted to punch something or get shit faced drunk. After the six years of waiting Genny was ready to go. Stupid weather, she thought too herself.

Now she had to go find a hotel, if that were even going to be possible, and find a bar. Yep, drowning in her pissy mood sounded great to her, it wasn’t like she had any other plans. Taking a step out onto the busy sidewalk she looked around and saw a bar a block away. The Slippery Dip ,well it was original she thought. Hauling her suitcase behind her she made her way towards the bar, trying to not get hit by a car as she crossed the street.

Walking into The Slippery Dip, Genny slipped on the rubber mat that had holes in it that would seem like it wasn’t slippery but they lie, everyone always falls on those damn things. Genny crawled off the floor cursing the mat. When she looked up she noticed everyone else was doing their own thing so she didn’t feel too self-conscious about slipping. She was making a circle around the room with her eyes when they fell on the small stage by the bar. A man with a black travelers hat on was sitting on a stool on the stage playing an acoustic guitar. ‘Black Magic Woman’ filled the air.

Genny couldn’t see much of the man as he had his head down playing. Letting the music sooth her she took a deep breath and made her way toward the bar.

“What can I get for ya?” The bartender offered.

“I’ll take two shots of Jack please!” Genny said with excitement in her voice. She never really drank that much but when she did Jack Daniels was her go to drink. She could already feel the burn in her throat just thinking about it.

The bartender placed the two shots in front of her and went back to cleaning the glasses in front of him.

“So who’s playing tonight?” Genny asked swiveling her chair towards the mysterious guy on the stage.

“It’s Johnny tonight. He comes in every now and then and plays a little somethin for us. You like him?”

“He sounds amazing. Does he take requests?”

“Oh yeah, when he gets done with this set I’ll go see if he’ll play you somethin.”

Genny was even more excited now. She hoped he could play ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me’ her favorite song to dance and sing to when she was drunk. Taking a third shot she had motioned the bartender to get her she could already feel the warm burn flowing through her body.

“What’s your name by the way?” the bartender asked with a smile.

“I’m Genny! What’s yours?”


“Nice to meet ya Dave!”

“I think he’s finished.” Genny said hopping off the stool and making her way towards the man stepping off the stage.

Dave came around the bar and walked Genny over.

“Hey Johnny you got a minute?” Dave asked.

As Johnny lifted his head towards Dave, Genny finally saw his face. It was like the world stopped moving. He. Was. Gorgeous. His brown chocolatey eyes turned towards her and she was a goner. He was all consuming. The air around her ceased to exist.

Johnny looked at Genny from top to bottom. She looked like a sweet person with her hair in a ponytail and her cheeks flushed from the alcohol. Dressed in a pair of dark jeans, a simple blue tee, and a black rain coat he thought she was beautiful. His lips quirked up into a big smile and he put his hand towards her.

“Hey I’m Johnny.”

“Genny. It’s nice to meet you, you play beautifully! I was just wondering if you took requests.”

“I do. Do you sing?”

“Oh no no no I didn’t mean me sing with you up there!’” Genny gestured to the stage with both her hands.

“Well do you sing?” Johnny asked coaxing her.

“Well, I mean yeah but I’ve never sang on a stage.”

“Then you’ll join me.” He said picking up his guitar. “What song would you like?”

“Uh… I don’t know… do you know Someone Like You by Adele?”

“Who doesn’t know that song?” Johnny said chuckling.

“I love that song! It’s a crowd pleaser and it gets the heartbroken drunks crying.” Genny nodded toward an old man sitting by himself in the corner.

“True. Okay let’s do it. I’ll start, you just jump in when you’re ready, okay.” Johnny said looking into her eyes and Genny stared back. She made her way up the stage steps behind him and stood beside him as he sit on the stool.

Johnny started playing the song Genny stared at him and his fingers. All she could think about was how good he would be in bed with those fingers. Oh those finger. How they would feel on her and in her. Wait, she thought I’m supposed to be singing. Johnny looked up at her as she opened her mouth.

As the lyrics flowed out of her all she could do was get lost in Johnny’s eyes. He was so beautiful. His fingers strummed along and as the chorus hit he helped her out. She smiled as his melodic voice hit her. This is it she thought I’m going to come on this freaking stage. His voice was mesmerizing.

When the song ended Genny could hear the small audience applauding but she couldn’t stop looking at Johnny. They both stood up and took a bow. Then Johnny took Genny’s hand and kissed it softly.

“Wow, you can really sing.” he said helping Genny down the steps of the stage.

“I’ve always like singing, just never saw it as a living.”

“I understand, it is hard starting out.” Johnny led Genny to the bar stool where she had been sitting. “Can I get you a drink?”

“Yeah that’d be great! I’ll have a shot of Jack!”

Johnny shot her a smile and motioned for Dave.

“I’m shocked. A girl who likes whiskey?”

“I know it’s a little weird but I just developed a taste for it after I stole someone’s at a party one time.”

Johnny laughed at her and handed her the shot. They clinked glasses and threw them back.

Genny could hear music start playing from somewhere.

“Would you like to dance?” he asked.

“Yes I’d love to!”

After dancing and talking all night Johnny and Genny were both pretty drunk and Dave had called them a cab. Since Genny didn’t have a hotel room Johnny offered for her to stay with him at his. He was only in town for a night as well and also had a flight in the morning.

Johnny slid his card into the door and they both pushed through laughing their asses off about how Johnny had a flight at the same time as Genny’s.

“Genny you’re so pretty.” Johnny said grabbing her face and kissing her hard.

Their tongues tangled together in a hot frenzy. Genny’s hands roamed his body grabbing at his ass. Oh what a fine ass she thought. They held onto each other like one of them would fly away at any time. Genny caressed his cheek causing him to stop and look into her eyes. She ran her hands through his scrumptious shoulder length, dark brown hair knocking his hat to the floor. He pushed her onto the bed and started to strip her. When he finally had her completely naked she threw herself at him breathing in his all-consuming kiss. It was like they were both starving for each other.

Genny pulled his shirt off and licked each of his nipples causing Johnny to shiver. He unzipped his jeans and let Genny pull them off along with his white boxers. His shaft popped out and Genny licked the tip. It was so big, Genny sucked the tip as she stroked him with her hands. Johnny grabbed her up and pushed her back crawling up her body. He pressed his hand against her core.

“You’re so wet.” Johnny said positioning his body between her legs.

Genny’s back arched when he began to rub her clit. Her hips started to buck wanting more. Johnny took his shaft and teased her entrance. She moaned his name clenching the bed sheets underneath her.

“Fuck me now Johnny!” She said closing her eyes and pressing into him.

Johnny held her down and slowly slid into her. They both groaned in unison. Johnny thrust deep and kissed her lips. He sucked her hard nipple into his mouth feeling her quivering under him.

“Harder Johnny!” Genny screamed.

Johnny thrust harder using his fingers on her clit bringing her closer to release. Genny could feel herself on the breaking point. With a cry of ecstasy she found her release and Johnny soon after.

Johnny rolled to the side of her breathing heavily. Genny lay next to him in utter bliss. Both satisfied for the night they drifted to sleep with Johnny holding her in his arms.


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A Little Detour Empty Re: A Little Detour

Post by Angie on Sat Feb 06, 2016 10:44 pm

Omg. Omg. Omg. That wasn't as romantic as I envisioned it. Omg. This is entirely too comical. Omg. Just, omg.

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A Little Detour Empty Re: A Little Detour

Post by Chasezzz on Sun Feb 07, 2016 12:33 am

I'm crying.

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