Chapter Two

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Chapter Two Empty Chapter Two

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Chapter Two

“Lex the woman is obviously very disturbed, did you see the way she looked at me? She looked dangerous. I just don’t understand why you let her stay here. She could’ve gotten to any one of us, and you let her stay here.” Her husband argued while helping her clear the table of their breakfast plates.

“Would you keep your voice down, you’re going to frighten the girls.” Halsey came back irritably, grabbing the plates from his hands and loading them into the dishwasher.

He leaned close to her and rested a hand on the counter, “I just don’t understand why you let an obviously dangerous person stay in our house, especially while the girls are here.” He whispered this time, his voice thick with aggravated concern, “I mean she looked like she was getting ready to kill you, tell me I’m wrong.” His brows rose high as his hands slapped against his thighs. He stared at her quizzically, waiting for a response.

Halsey barely kept her hands from shaking as he stated exactly what Gates had intended on doing. She felt her composure slipping as her husband’s questioning eyes bared down on her.

“She is not dangerous.” Her voice was hard as she rose up to meet his gaze levelly, “she needed my help and if you knew anything about what that woman has to endure every day you wouldn’t be so judgmental. It’s my job to help people, especially her.” Halsey said trying desperately to keep her voice from shaking.

Her mind knew her husband was right. Gates could very well come down stairs and shoot her right here and now without giving it a second thought, but Halsey had seen the desperation in those cerulean depths. That’s why she defended her now. If Gates was going to kill her she would’ve done it last night.

“So are you going to let every insane person that knocks on our door spend the night then?” he rebutted, refusing to give in.

Halsey shook her head and let the dishwasher door slam shut, “Just take the girls home and go to work,” she said, wiping at her hands irritably with a dish towel and keeping her eyes focused on what she was doing.

She could feel his hard stare weighing on her as his angered breathing stirred her hair. It felt like an eternity went by before he threw his hands up in surrender and stalked angrily out of the kitchen. The sound of his loafers met the marble floor harshly, causing her ear drums to throb in tandem with each step. Halsey sighed in relief as she heard him call the girls without the harshness in his tone that he’d just had with her a moment before. Although he was being stubborn she couldn’t blame him for it, she would’ve reacted the same way if it was him who brought a stranger into the house. His distrust in her only added to her guilt. She honestly didn’t know if Gates was stable. It was foolish of her to let Gates stay here with her family in the house, but she had seen the look in her eyes last night. If only for a split second, she saw Gates’s reluctance, she didn’t want to kill her. Although that didn’t mean she wouldn’t, Halsey chose to trust her instincts. Even if Gates did kill her at least it would be only be her and not her family. The sound of the front door opening drew Halsey from her thoughts. She tossed the dish towel onto the counter and walked into the living room. Her husband gave her a last hard stare before he ushered the girls out of the house and closed the door. She gave another relieved sigh as he refrained from slamming it, although she heard his restraint.

Halsey ran a hand through her silver strands before making her way to the staircase. It was only 10:30 in the morning but she had to wake Gates. They didn’t have much time to get her situation sorted out. She walked up the stairs slowly, letting her hand glide along the banister. She took her time, wanting Gates to get as much sleep as she could. All too soon she was standing in front of the guest bedroom door. She rose her hand to knock but refrained. Her hand fell to her side as she hovered her ear close to the door and listened. It was silent, she heard no restless stirring. Instead of knocking, Halsey opened the door quietly and stepped into the room. The curtains from the open window danced slightly in the warm breeze. For a brief moment, Halsey thought she’d climbed out until she remembered that this was a common thing for Gates to do. Her panic fleeted as she scanned the room. The sun rays cast a golden tint over the white walls, leaving the light from the lamp dull. Her eyes met the lump in the bed that was Gates. She could see the subtle rise and fall of the cover, indicating that she was sleeping soundly. Halsey made her way quietly to the bedside and looked down at her. Her crimson hair fanned out against the pillow and her breathing was slow and even. Her face was relaxed, free of the torment that permanently burdened it, almost as if she’d taken off a mask.

Halsey closed her eyes solemnly. The familiarity of this scene weighed heavily on her heart. The open window, the still shining bulb in the lamp, she knew these were things Gates did to try and avoid the darkness, even though it didn’t always work. Halsey opened her eyes and prepared to pull Gates from her rare solitude. Relief washed over her as she laid her hand against warm ivory skin.

“Gates, wake up.” She said quietly, shaking her shoulder gently.

Her brows furrowed irritably as she turned over onto her back with a groan. Halsey stepped away from the bed putting space between them. She didn’t want to be looming over her when she opened her eyes. Halsey watched as her eyes opened and suddenly became panicked. She sat up quickly, her eyes scanning the room wildly.

“Hey, it’s all right. You’re here, still in my house.” Halsey assured while gently grasping her shoulders.

Halsey was struck by Gates’s wild eyes as the met hers suddenly. She took a step back to give her some space.

“Are you all right?” Halsey asked while shutting off the lamp.

Gates sat for a moment, trying to get her breathing under control. She thought she was back there, back in that prison that held her for so many years. The familiarity of Halsey’s voice waking her from sleep had panicked her. Gates smoothed her hair away from her face and took a deep breath. She was safe. She let relief wash over her as she pulled the covers away and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Yes, I’m fine.” She said quietly and rubbed her wrists, keeping her eyes locked on the floor.

Halsey looked as she rubbed one wrist then the other. The faint scars on them contrasted starkly against her ivory skin. She knew similar scars marked her ankles. Although Halsey was aware of them, the sight of the scars still saddened her with the knowledge of where they came from. She crossed her arms over her chest and met Gates’s eyes once again. Her face was again burdened with the mask of torment. She watched as Gates stood and walked slowly around the bed, her joints cracked with each step, making more apparent to Halsey that her burden wasn’t just an emotional one.

“I did some searching around this morning. There’s a couple of complexes that have vacancies on the other side of town. We can look at both of them and see which on you prefer.” Halsey said, staying on the other side of the room.

Gates grabbed her pants from the top of the dresser and slipped them over her bare legs irritably. She had only just fallen asleep a couple of hours before and the exhaustion weighed heavily on her body.

“I’d rather not be around people.” She said simply, giving Halsey a glace as she fastened the button.

“I know, and I thought of that,” Halsey turned shut the window with a loud thud, “but there aren’t any houses available for sell or for rent right now, so you’ll have to settle with an apartment.” She finished, crossing her arms back over her chest.

Gates met her eyes briefly and gave a subtle nod as she slid her arms into her trench, giving the lapels a tug before she let it fall over her chest. She walked into the bathroom without a word. Ignoring the cold sting of the tile as it met her feet, she walked up to the mirror and examined her face. Exhaustion was there but it had diminished slightly with the few hours of sleep she’d managed. Gates diverted her eyes and turned on the faucet. She let the cool water run over her hands before cupping it to wash away the remaining exhaustion from her face. It soothed her skin and succeeded in waking her fully. After a couple more handfuls, she turned the faucet off and dried her face with a hand towel. She took a deep breath through her nose and used her fingers to comb through her hair. She gave herself another glance before leaving the bathroom. She found Halsey still standing in the bedroom in front the window, waiting on her. Gates sat on the foot of the bed and pulled on her socks.

“Is there something else?” she asked, arching one fine brow. She kept her eyes on Halsey as she leaned on her arm, her hand relieved her weight against her thigh as she waited for a response.

“How much money have you got?” Halsey asked, taking a step towards her.

Gates looked away from her sudden closeness and grabbed one of her boots, “just what I took from my father’s safe,” she slipped the boot over her foot then reach for the other, “about two grand.” She added and pulled her other boot on.

Halsey’s eyes widened at those words. Gates not only escaped Godfrey, but went to her childhood home and stole from her father. She didn’t know how she’d managed it without being caught. That house was miles away from the facility.

“How on earth did you manage that?” Her question was more surprised than she intended.

“I waited.” Gates said simply as she zipped her boots.

“Where did you hide?” Halsey’s brows furrowed with curiosity.

Gates let out an irritable breath as she stood, “if you knew that we wouldn’t be having this conversation.” Her words were thick with irritation as she grabbed her gun from the nightstand.

Halsey glanced at the gun in her hand before she tucked it into pants behind her back. Knowing that Gates had it made her uncomfortable with the possibilities of what she might use it for. She remembered the cold steel of the barrel as it was pressed firmly under chin just last night. She didn’t want Gates to press that cold barrel under her own chin. The image of that saddened her more than she realized it would. Halsey was thankful that her thoughts were interrupted by Gates walking out of the room quickly, leaving her alone. Shaking her head, she exited the room and shut the door. Gates was already down the stairs before she could catch up. Halsey looked up from the stairs as she heard the front door open. She only caught a glimpse of the black tail of the trench as the door bounced off the wall behind it.

“Wait!” she yelled to ears she knew weren’t listening. Letting out a frustrated breath, Halsey jogged through the door swinging it closed behind her.

“Goddammit Gates.” He said as he went through the contents of his safe, noticing the missing gun and stacks of money, “I knew I should’ve changed the damn combination.” He finished and tossed the remaining stacks back into the safe along with a few other documents.

He slammed the safe door closed in frustration. Of course she had come back here when he’d least expected it. He had foolishly thought she was to mentally disturbed to remember the combination, or where the safe was for that matter. She could be hundreds of miles away by now and he wasn’t counting on being able to trace her through his stolen credit cards. If she was stable enough to remember the safe, then she was certainly stable enough to know not to use the cards. She had taken them in a panic. Thinking of her out in the world alone worried him. There was no telling what might happen to her. He knew he stood slim chances of ever getting her back but he wouldn’t give up. Not as long as there was still progress to be made. His brows furrowed intensely as he thought about where she might go. He knew Halsey was out of the question. A sharp knock at the door interrupted his ever changing thoughts on her whereabouts.

“Come in.” he shouted sharply, irritation thick in his voice.

A tall bulky man stepped through on of the double doors and folded his hands behind his back, “Sir, the man you called for will be arriving at your work office shortly.” the baritone voice filled his large home office, meeting his ears with a husky rasp.

“Oh, right. Thank you Spender.” He said quietly while pressing two fingers into his temple, trying to relieve the ache in his head.

Grabbing his suit jacket, he rounded his desk and made his way for the door, his steps thudding dully on the hardwood floor. He straightened the lapels with a tug just as he started to make his way past Spender who was holding the door, waiting for his exit. He stopped himself abruptly just outside his office and turned back towards the towering man.

“Can you give Halsey a call, tell her I need her in my office immediately.” He said, then continued down the hallway without giving concern to a response.

Gates skimmed her eyes over the spacious living room of the apartment. Her footsteps echoed loudly from the empty walls as she made her way through the rooms, looking over each space carefully. Her boots thudded against the hardwood loudly as she made her way to the bedroom. She gave a quiet relieved sigh as she spotted the window she needed to be there. Crossing her arms over her chest, she leaned on the doorway and kept her eyes on the window.

“This place is nice, how do you like it?” Halsey asked from the living room, interrupting her solitude.

Gates turned and walked back into the parlor where Halsey was still standing beside the door. She leaned against the wall just as she had in the bedroom doorway.

“It’s fine.” She answered, skimming her eyes across the ceiling to avoid Halsey’s gaze.

Halsey gave a smirk and walked to the middle of the living room, meeting Gates halfway, “that’s what you said about the other place and it looked like a piss hole.” She said with a smile hovering on her lips.

“I’m not picky.” Gates gave her a glance, meeting her emeralds for a moment before looking away, uncomfortable with her sudden friendliness.

She wasn’t ready for that, it was too familiar. Ignoring Halsey’s smile she pulled her cigarettes from her pocket and quickly placed one between her lips. She turned her back to Halsey as she lit it and tossed her pack and lighter on the bar that separated the kitchen and parlor. Gates took a deep drag and let the smoke flow out her nostrils into the clean air. In truth, she liked how spacious this place was. It seemed too big for just one person, but she didn’t mind. As long as she wasn’t cramped in some little room she could barely move in, she had no complaints. Her eyes skimmed over the freshly painted cream walls as she took another deep drag from her cigarette. The smoke quickly gave a flowing haze throughout the room. She was already starting to feel at home.

Gates turned as Halsey took a step towards her, the hallow echo pulling her away from her thoughts. Halsey was giving her a look that said she had something more to say.

“What?” Gates asked irritably as she exhaled smoke into the air.

“Since we can’t very well put your name or mine on the paper work we’re going to have to come up with an alias. An inconspicuous one.” Halsey said, reflecting her irritability back to her.

“And what do you suggest?” Gates made her way across the empty parlor, giving Halsey an arched glace as she passed.

She opened the window with an echoing thud before flipping her accruing ashes outside, then leaned against the sill, crossing her arms over her chest. Her brow still arched, she stared at Halsey with a quizzical look.

“Anything, as long as it isn’t Gates Godfrey.” Halsey answered flippantly, returning with the arch of her own brow.

Gates held her eyes for a moment, giving her an irritated nod before taking another hit from her smoke. She looked over her shoulder into the sunlight as exhaled the toxin outside. Her face masked irritation as she thought. As if it really mattered what type of alias she used. She could put fucking Han Solo on there if she wanted to and no one would give a damn. She smirked to herself, they really wouldn’t be suspecting her to be hiding under the name Han Solo. They’d expect some Star Wars loving geek to be secluded in here, playing with his light saber in the dark without giving it a second thought.

Halsey stood there waiting on Gates to give her a reply, her frustration growing. She tried to keep it from showing, but it was hard. Just as she’d started to speak, her phone rang loudly from inside her pocket. She leaned her head back and rubbed her hands over her face before quickly retrieving her phone. Her eyes widened slightly as she read the number on the screen. She had no choice but to answer.

“Halsey, what is it?” she answered, her irritation slipping through her voice.

“We need you at the office for a meeting. It’s about Gates.” The husky voice answered into her ear.

Halsey’s heart stopped. They couldn’t have possibly had any idea where she was, or worse, that she was with her. She struggled to reply, her thoughts raced around her brain so quickly that she didn’t know what to reply with. She glanced over to Gates who was now staring at her, her brows furrowed with questioning concern.

“You there?” the voice rasped into her ear, beckoning her to answer.

“Yeah, I’ll be there as soon as I can. It’ll be about half an hour.” With that she hung up and replaced her phone into her pocket.

“What did they want?” Gates asked, drawing Halsey’s widened eyes to meet hers. She flicked her cigarette out the window and stood, keeping her gaze on Halsey.

“Look, I’ve got to go. I’ll call and have movers get you some furniture and appliances in here. In the mean time you can stay at my house.” Halsey said hurriedly, her voice shaking subtly.

“Wait a second,” Gates took a step towards her and grabbed her shoulder to keep her from turning, “who was that?” she asked, demanding an answer.

“I think you know.” Halsey replied quietly between the two of them, her eyes staring intensely back into her questioning cerulean irises.

Gates withdrew her hand and stepped back from her slowly. She suddenly felt foolish and afraid. Halsey could go in there and tell them where she was the second she walked into that office. Her heart pounded with anxiety. Halsey was struck by the uncertainty she saw in Gates’s eyes. She saw the distrust and it hurt her. Although she couldn’t blame Gates for it, it still struck her hard and made her heart beat rapidly. The last time she’d seen that stare it was through a two-way mirror. Halsey closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She grasped Gates shoulders gently and willed trust into her eyes even though Gates wasn’t looking at her.

“Listen to me Gates, I know it’s hard but you have to trust me. I will call you, just sit by the phone and wait. I will call.” Halsey tried to make Gates hear her reassurance but she only gave her a blank stare in return.

“I’m the only chance you’ve got.” She added sternly, shaking her slightly.

Halsey sighed with relief as Gates finally gave her an understanding nod. She let go of her shoulders and started to turn for the door.

“Halsey.” Gates said, her voice deep with sudden harshness.

Halsey turned to face her once again. A menacing looked now weighed on Gate’s beautiful face. Her brows were turned down and her mouth curved into a malevolent frown. Stern sincerity burned deep in her eyes.

“I will not hesitate to kill you if I have to.” She said simply, her voice rife with certainty.

Halsey’s eyes danced between hers, looking for that reluctance she saw last night. She didn’t find it, instead she found only truth in her eyes. A deep menacing truth that what she said was no empty threat. Gates would kill her if she dared to betray her. Halsey felt that certainty sink into her heart and anchor itself there, reminding her to keep those words in the forefront of her mind.

“I know.” She whispered then turned to leave, the threat of death following closely behind.

His boots thudded loudly down the sterile hallway, echoing off the walls around him. The smell of bleach and dirty mop water burned his nostrils. He stopped just before the elevator and pushed the button that would take him to the top floor. His brain imagined elevator music as he waited impatiently for the elevator to stop. It seemed like an eternity before the soft “ding” sounded and the doors slid open. He stepped out into a lavish lobby where instead a fresh clean scent coaxed its way through his nostrils. He looked up, squinting his eyes at the overly large chandelier that was hanging from the middle of the high ceiling. He looked around for someone who could point him in the right direction but found no one.

“What the…” his whisper trailed off as he walked across the marble floor, his boots echoing loudly over his head.

He walked around the large stone fountain in the middle of the room. The water flowed from it, meeting his ears in a soothing melody. He stood for a moment, staring at its grandeur with his hands in his pockets. He looked down into the water and let himself be mesmerized by the multicolored fish that swam circles around each other. Shaking his head he turned around with a frustrated sigh. These damned people wanted him to come here but didn’t bother to give him proper directions.

“Is there anyone in here?” He questioned, his voice barely above a shout but still echoed high above him.


He turned his head quickly to where the voice came from. A woman, who looked as if she’d just appeared out of nowhere, stood all the way to his left against the wall.

“Come this way please.” She beckoned with a hand pointed down a hallway he hadn’t even seen.

He paced quickly to her then stopped in front of her so she could lead the way. He followed her with the sound of her heals clicking sharply in his ears, keeping his eyes on his reflection in the marble floor. Finally the clicking stopped as they reached a pair of large black double doors at the end of the hallway. A gold plaque hung in the middle of one of them. His eyes squinted slightly as he read it.

L.G. Office.

The woman knocked quietly on the door and a second later one of them opened slowly, revealing a large office that was bigger than his apartment.

“Right this way sir.” She said, her secretary-like voice, bugging his ears.

He walked in slowly, his eyes skimming. Large shelves filled with books were what made up the circular walls behind the desk. The floor was the same white and black marble that made up the lobby and it also colored the columns that lined the rest of the office.

“Welcome.” A raspy voice perked his ears, causing him to look straight ahead.

The man he assumed was L.G. sat at the desk before him with his hands interlocked resting on his chin. A crooked smile hovered on his lips.

“Sorry, I didn’t know there was a welcoming committee waiting for me.” He quipped, looking from L.G. to the older woman standing at one side of the desk, then to the bouncer-like man standing at the opposite side.

L.G. gave a smirk then beckoned him to move closer so that he was standing just before the desk, then he introduced everyone.

“This is Dr. Halsey,” he said, pointing to the woman with a fluid hand, “She’s the only one besides me you will be in contact with.” He then stood up, buttoning his suit while whispering in the bouncer man’s ear.

The man gave a single nod before exiting the room quickly. Turning his head, he looked after the man for a moment before meeting the cold eyes of L.G. once again.

“And that was?” he asked, pointing behind himself with a thumb.

“Nobody you need to remember the name of.” L.G. said nonchalantly as he made his way around the desk and Dr. Halsey, “She and I are the ones responsible for the person who’s gone missing. We need your help to find her and return her here without any harm done to her.” L.G. said, standing just before him now, his hands folded neatly at his pelvis.

“Well then you need to hire a delivery boy because what I do is kill. Plain and simple. Somebody pays me enough to kill a person giving them trouble, I go, I kill that person and collect my money. End of story.” He started to turn and leave but was halted by a hand on his shoulder.

L.G. looked at him with concern burning deep in his eyes, “Please, I hear you’re the best at tracking people, you can find anyone anywhere. I really need your professional help. You see, the person that’s gone missing is a threat, not only to herself but to society as well. She is a very disturbed person, likely to end up somewhere she doesn’t need to be. Around people.” L.G. spoke as if to convince himself that what he was saying was true.

“What does a place like this want with a person like that? This isn’t some mental institution.” He asked his face contorting with confusion.

“Well that is the business of the Doctor and myself I’m afraid. I can only assure you that it is for the better of the public, and herself that she be returned here.” He said, replacing his hands intertwined over his pelvis, an innocent look baring on his sharp, wicked features.

His eyes darted between L.G. and the older woman suspiciously, “I think I should take my business elsewhere.” He said quietly and made his way to the door.

“Please,” the voice halted him once again, “We’re desperate, we need to find her so we can keep her safe. The price is yours to choose, I have vast resources.” L.G. begged all too desperately.

He turned around slowly, his attention grasped, “So what’s she got to do with all this?” he asked, nodding his head to the older woman, seeking more details.

“She’s going to keep a look out for me in Bethesda, since she lives there. She also happens to be the missing person’s doctor, she takes good care of her.” He said, indicating the doctor with another fluid motion of his hand, without looking at her.

He examined the doctor’s face carefully. She looked honest, like she cared for this missing woman. Something that Mr. L.G. only mimicked in his voice. Ultimately, it was the good doctor’s genuine expression that made him give in. She looked as if she were missing a child.

“So,” he turned fully towards the two of them, “what’s this little runaway’s name?” he asked, gripping his wrist behind his back.

“Sorry but I can’t afford you her name. Only what she looks like.” L.G. made his way back to his desk and sat down in the oversized office chair, still keeping his eyes locked on him.

“Um, ok,” he shook his head irritably but chose to let the response roll off his back, “then what’s she look like?” he questioned, frustration thick in his voice.

“She’s about 5’3, 130 pounds, blue eyes and red hair, 30 years of age. Her notable habit is smoking and she will most likely be wearing a thin black trench coat.” L.G. spouted off quickly, almost excitedly.

He squinted his eyes at L.G., swearing he saw the subtleties of a malevolent smile. He looked to the doctor only to find that she had diverted her gaze to the floor.

“Do you have any idea where she might be, or be heading?” he asked, rubbing the back of his neck in impatience.

“Sadly, no. She could be a hundred miles from here or just outside this facility. I haven’t a clue.” L.G. said, his voice shrinking into a whisper.

“Can I ask why you people don’t have the cops looking for this woman, given she’s such a danger to herself and other people?” he asked with suspicion growing in his voice, “why call on someone like me to find a mentally disturbed woman?”

L.G’s eyes looked panicked for a moment, but quickly reverted back to disturbing sereneness, “As I said, the police would want to put her away, in some mental institution, which is the last place she needs to be. She needs treatment and to be in the care of myself and her doctor. I called upon you because I’ve heard your name, you’re quite revered in parts of this city. I figured if anyone could find her, it’d be you.” He leaned back, resting his hands on the armrests of the large office chair.

“All right, I’ll find her. I want a million.” He said simply, his eyes unwavering.

“One million now, one million for her safe return. Do we have an agreement?” He asked, standing and reaching a hand across the desk.

Reluctantly, he clasped L.G’s hand and shook it briefly, gritting his teeth.

“Thank you Mr. Merrick.” The voice slithered into his ears as he turned and made his way out.

Gates sat anxiously on the couch beside Halsey’s telephone. She took a long drag from her cigarette seeking to settle her uneasy nerves. She released the smoke through a shaky breath as the phone rang suddenly. She leaned over and grabbed the phone quickly before it had another chance to ring.

“Hello?” her shaking voice all but shouted, nearly jumping out of her chest.

“Gates, it’s me, Lex.” Halsey said quietly into her ear.

“What is it, what’s going on?” she said quickly, trying not to stumble over her words.

“Hold on, I’m almost to my car.” She said, her voice becoming breathless.

Gates heard the dinging sound in her ear then the slam of a car door. The ignition came on quickly and the car motor revved statically over the phone.

“All right, so Lawrence has hired a man to look for you,” she paused making a turn, “His name his Merrick, I don’t know his first name.”

Gates listened closely as she gave a description of the man. She closed her eyes and created a mental picture of him, noting the key details and burning them into her memory.

“I told him that I would keep a lookout for you in Bethesda. So far, I’m the only one who’s going to be stationed there. When I get back we need to get ourselves prepaid phones to keep contact without being traced,” Gates heard the car rev, indicating that she was speeding up down the freeway, “You should lay low for a while, and I don’t recommend you to go to that bar you like.”

Gates closed her eyes. She would still be imprisoned, just in a place of her choosing this time. At least she would be away from that place though, she was beyond grateful for that.

“At least not for a while, not until I can confirm that I’ll be the only pair of eyes there.” Halsey finished, speeding her way back to her house as fast as she could on the freeway.

Gates lifted her cigarette and took a drag, feeling a small amount of relief, “I’ll be waiting here for you.” She said, exhaling the smoke into the receiver.

“Are you smoking in-,” Gates hung up the phone before she could finish and placed it back on the hook.

Halsey tossed the phone into the passenger’s seat in frustration. A moment later,nit started to ring again.


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Chapter Two Empty Re: Chapter Two

Post by Angie on Thu Jan 21, 2016 8:44 pm

Her face was relaxed, free of the torment that permanently burdened it, almost as if she’d taken off a mask. -----such a great line.

Okay okay, my absolute favorite part is the part where Gates hangs up on Halsey when she's asking if she is smoking in her house! lol! That made me laugh out loud literally! Muldy, uhhh, I mean, Merrick, is fucking awesome. I can tell that you have ingrained these characters into your head. Merrick's language is exactly like Mulder's. OMG, it's like you were on the script writing team for the x-files! lol. But yeah, the things he says and the way he says them are just frikin cool. Gates smoking and nonchalantly stalking around the room, she's so freaking cool. I love when she arches her brow, puts on her boots, smokes out of the window, smarts off to Halsey, etc. L.G. is mysterious of course. I want to know so much more about him and his motive. Halsey better not sell Gates out, but by Merrick's note of her, I don't believe that will happen. The whole scene in the apartment is awesome. I like the little Star Wars plug. That was nice comic relief, needed, and also funny. I'm sorry it took so long to review, I kept getting interrupted and shit. Gates is just too cool. The way you write about her reminds me exactly of the way I write about Ben. I can tell you love the character, you know her and all her idiosyncrasies. How cool is it that Merrick is supposed to hunt her down!? OMG, that's hotttt. Please write more asap. I love it Suz. Again, beautiful language. Love you, love this story.


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