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Post by Jennycat_92 on Sat Aug 29, 2015 7:54 pm

Don’t misunderstand, Julian thought the city of trees, as she liked to call it, was exciting and beautiful. But Julian was ready for something more adventurous, something like Erislan. Julian had awoken that day with the expectation of something wonderful happening and if I do say so myself, something certainly did.
       James sat at the meticulously carved table in the kitchen of Julian’s grandparents’ home. He had wanted Julian to wake up to the smell of fresh fish cakes with gravy on the side, eggs, and biscuits all homemade. James was so happy to finally have his daughter here with him in Erislan. He had dreamt of this ever since that hopeless day he was turned into a frog. Day after day the hope for his reunion with his daughter seemed more and more out of reached. But the day had finally come and nothing was going to separate him from his dear Julian again. She was so much like her mother it sometimes filled his eyes with tears to look at her but even if the tears came there was always a smile on his face, for James only thought of his precious Adrianna as she was when their love had begun.
           As Julian walked into the kitchen and fixed herself a plate of the sweet smelling food James had prepared, he could not stop himself from staring at her seeing all the old memories play through his mind.
        “James…James…are you okay?” Julian asked waving her hand in front of him as she sat down at the table next to him.
        “I am wonderful, Julian love. Just dreaming, that is how you keep the mind healthy.” James responded while smiling brightly at her. “Did you sleep well last night, the lelas did not keep you up did they? If you are not use to them they tend to keep you up at first.”
        “The le-las? Oh, was that what those were? It sounded like soft singing in the wind. I thought it was people outside.”
         “Oh no, those are lelas. They get their name lelas because they sound like women singing in the night. For most here, it is soothing, but for some it has be gotten use to.”
         “I actually liked them they helped me go to sleep, which was a little difficult being in a new place and all.” Julian said with a crooked smile on her lips.
        “I am sorry darling. If there is something I can do, please do not hesitate to come to me. I will help you adjust in any way I can.” James said looking her straight in the eyes.
       “I will James, I promise. I wanted to ask you something though. Do you think I could go exploring on land today. I love Sivemina, but I want to see Erislan as well.”
      “Oh Julian,” James said with a loving smile, “it calls to you too. It is the most beautiful place that God has made. I would love for you to see it! Well I have to go take care of some business today at the camp. So I do believe you can come with me.”
        "Great! Let me just finish up here and grab my bag!”
        “Okay dear, I am going to go tell your grandparents where we are headed I will see you outside.”
        The walk to the camp was so overwhelming for Julian. She was not use to so much beauty. The forest was marvelous, Julian had never seen trees like these, and Julian knew trees she had grown up in the woods behind her old home. They were like friends to her, offering protection, and someone to talk to. The trees here in Erislan, though, were quite different. They were so alive, all the colors very vibrant, she had yet to see one dead tree or limb. And the amount of moss living on them and their roots was unbelievable. The creatures she saw were unique as well. They were everywhere, the forest seemed to be dancing with all of them out and about. The birds in the trees were singing and chirping and swaying with the leaves. There were mice you could see running around the ground but it seemed as if they were on a mission as opposed to just scurrying along. The lizards were crawling on the trunks catching flies, and she thought for a moment that one even winked at her. When they came across a pond the lily pads seemed to be in intricate patterns that the frogs were following. The meadow made a mockery of the one Julian use to play in. The flowers were big and vibrant and these were not any flowers she had ever seen.
          They finally made it to the edge of the forest. “Ahhh, I love how the ocean smells.” James said as he took in a huge breathe of air and spread his arms out wide.
          Julian was shocked the camp was huge there had to be at least fifty tents in front of her. The terrain seemed to drop off like a cliff at the edge of the forest. And then give way to the camp as James called it. “This Julian is where the valenian warriors rest their heads. Would you like to see it?” James said as he took Julian’s left hand in his.
Julian was in wonder, she felt a spark of excitement run through her. “Let’s do it!” Julian said as she flung both their arms in the air. She took off with James running after her down the rock steps on the cliff.
          “Woah Julian love!” James said laughing as he grabbed her. “We have to slow down they are training right now we do not want to run into anyone.”
          “I’m sorry, I got a little over excited.” Julian blushed from embarrassment and smiled.
          "I understand dear, I just do not want you to get hurt. Follow me and I show you around.”
          James took her to the biggest white tent out there. She was amazed when she walked in, there had to be at least thirty men walking around and talking with one another. Some looked dressed for battled with their protective gear on which looked to be not much but leather chest covers and dark pants that gave way to brown and black boots that went to the knee. The shields were lined on the ground with what looked to be a cross with an owl, a tree, three wavy lines which look to stand for water, and a sword. The men ranged from young men who looked to be eighteen or so to men in their forties.
          “They look to be getting ready to train. Ah Reynon!” James cried as a burly man who looked to be about 6’4 like her father came walking towards them with a huge smile and grabbed James and swept him into a hug. He was dressed with a dark black sleeveless shirt with a V neck and a black belt around his waist with black pants and black boots. He had a black beard that was not very long but it was thick with bushy black eyebrows. His eyes were a honey color that instantly got Julian’s attention.
         “James it is good to see you my friend! How long has it been, over sixteen years?”
        “I would say so, Reynon. It is good to see you after all this time we need to catch up.”
       “Oh we will James, after you introduce me to this young lady with you.” Reynon said smiling towards Julian.
       “This is my daughter, Julian. Julian meet my best and oldest friend Reynon”
       “It’s so good to meet you Reynon.” Julian said giving him a big smile.
      “Oh my, James, she looks just like Adrianna. Speaking of where is that sweet woman of yours?”
       James face grew long with sadness, “She is no longer with us Rey.” He said as he looked Reynon in the eyes. Reynon could see the storm of hurt and memories in James’ eyes and grabbed him by the shoulders.
      “I am truly sorry James.” Reynon grabbed James into another quick hug. “We will surely have a drink to remember her.” Reynon exclaimed as he let go of James. “She was a great woman James.”
     “I know brother, thank you. We so need to catch up.” James said as a smile brightened his face once more.
     “We will dear brother! I have a training with these boys here at the moment but we can get together tonight here!”
     “That would be grand, Rey! If you do not mind I would not mind to stay to watch you teach these boys a thing or two.”
     "Yes indeed you will, come on brother!” Reynon said as he put his arm around James and dragged him outside.
     Julian walked around the camp taking it all in. She felt determination and urgency in the air. She made her way to the edge of the camp where the cliff dropped off into the ocean. It was so beautiful and calming. She closed her eyes and spread her arms out like an eagle. She felt like at any moment she could take flight. She felt for once in her life like she was a part of something bigger than herself, like she could be anything she wanted. All she felt at that moment was joy in the greatest way. Julian could feel the love that each person there at the camp had for Erislan. Julian was still getting use to sensing others feelings. At times it was overwhelming, but here it was just one pure feeling, joy, and it felt amazing to bask in it.
          Julian slowly put her arms down and took one last look at the sky and ocean before she turned around. She made her way to the training area. She found a spot along with the spectators. It was hypnotizing to watch. It was as if they were performing a ritual dance. Julian loved it, she felt the urge to join in. The men were split up into five groups of two and fought with swords. There was a group in particular that Julian took notice of. The two men seemed to be in a trance totally in sync with each other, when one swung the other caught their sword. Neither looked to be trying to hurt the other but there was determination in each of their faces to continue the dance. One of the looked to be in his thirties with a sprinkle of facial hair and brown short hair and a lean muscular build. The other seemed ten years younger but no one would have noticed an age difference the way they fought together. The younger man was slightly shorter with shoulder length dark brown hair with a five o’clock shadow with the same muscular build. Both were strongly tanned which would seem right having to be out in the hot sun every day for training.
        Julian could not help but stare at these two men they were clearly the best out there. All of a sudden the crowd around her started to move. Julian did not seem to notice as the two men came dangerously close.
        Julian opened her eyes up and was staring into the clouds. Then a man came into her view. He was the younger man that she was watching fight. His face looked distressed as Julian looked at him. All she could hear was the sound of swishing in her ears as she stared at the man above her. His eyes were the deepest green she had ever seen, it was like the moss on the trees. His lips were in a hard line and his forehead was wrinkled.
      “Can you hear me?” the man said.
       Julian could see his lips moving and slowly what he was saying came into focus.
      “Are you okay? Can you hear me? Can you move?” The man had a hold of Julian’s shoulders and was shaking her slightly.
      “Move out of the way! Julian! Julian! Are you okay, love! Say something!” James said as he pushed himself through the crowd to kneel down to Julian.
        Julian finally realized she was on the ground. “I’m okay dad…what happened? Did I fall?” Julian asked as she looked from her father to the younger man kneeling beside her him.
        “Oh honey, you were caught in a little tiff. How do you feel, do you think you can stand?” James said as he kissed her forehead and stroked her hair.
        “I think I can.” Julian sat up slowly and her father helped her stand up. “I’m okay,” Julian said as she put her hand on the side of her head, “just a little roughed up.” She said with a slight smile.
         “Well, come into the tent here and we will get one of the healers to look at you. Reynon, can you find one?”
          Reynon nodded and hurried away. James guided Julian into the infirmary tent and made her sit down.
         “Sir I am so sorry. I did not see her there I guess I was too caught up in the fight going on.”
         “Eric it is okay. Julian seems to be fine we are just going to let the healer make sure. I am going to go find your father and see if he found him. Would you sit with Julian please?”
         “Certainly sir.” Eric nodded.
         Julian stared at Eric as he came to stand in from of her. “Are you okay? Did I hurt you at all?” Eric asked with a concerned look.
        “Oh! I’m fine really! Just a little bruised up, but fine.” Julian responded as Eric grabbed the stool by the cot Julian was sitting on. “So you are Reynon’s son?”
         “Yes,” Eric laughed, “one of three.”
          “Oh, younger brothers?”
          “Yes, Rowan and Jesse. They are a hand full. I take it you are James’ daughter?”
          “Yes, no siblings that I know of! Julian Thimblewood, nice to meet you!” Julian smiled as she put her hand out for Eric to shake.
           “Well, Julian it is nice to meet.” Eric said shaking her hand.
           They both heard their fathers talking as they walked into the tent. Eric stood up, “I’ll see you soon Julian.” He said as he started to walk out.

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