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Post by Jennycat_92 on Sat Aug 29, 2015 7:41 pm

I woke up in the room my grandmother had built just for me. It was perfect, the bed lightly swayed from the ceiling as I adjusted myself to lay on my side. I took in the beautiful view of the ocean shore outside the huge window that comfortably enveloped most of the west side of the bedroom wall. The birds were flying past the window no doubt starting their day off like I was about to. I couldn’t help but wonder how amazing it would be to fly and really feel what it would be like to be completely free. I dangled my arm over the side of the bed and unconsciously swirled it around in the air. I came back out of my daydream to see a dove setting on the window seal. It stared at me for a moment then flew onto my bed. I sat up and stared at it. I wasn’t afraid but rather curious because for some reason I felt like it was staring into my eyes, weird right, and I had this feeling that it knew who I was. It continued to stay there looking at me. It felt peaceful in the room and as weird as this was, I just knew instinctually that it wouldn’t hurt me so I got crawled out of bed. With a huge blissful smile on my face, I skipped over to the swing hanging across from my bed. I sat down in it and gently swayed back and forth in it. I had a peace surrounding me at that moment and had no worries in my mind.
As much as I wanted to continue to stay there and swing, I was excited to get out and see the city. The place was amazing and beckoned me to go explore it. I walked over to the wooden vanity that my grandfather had crafted for me and looked at myself. I was finally turning sixteen tomorrow. It didn’t feel like a major stepping stone to me and I honestly didn’t expect much, but I was excited to spend it with my new family. They made me feel so loved, every time I got near them I could feel the happiness and love rolling off them. I was more use to my new ability of feeling people’s emotions. Grandmother explained to me that not many of the Valenians contained this ability, only a handful in their community did. I knew I was changing, physically and emotionally.
           My hair was becoming healthier and voluptuous. It sounded so weird when I thought about it but…it felt like the strands were getting thicker. I couldn’t explain it and I could just be imagining it, but I did know for sure that my hair was getting darker. Not drastically, but gradually every day I was noticing; I wonder if anyone else was? I looked down at my feet and pulled up the blue pajama pants that my grandmother had given me. I didn’t know what to think of them. Within the last week, it seemed like they were becoming narrower and my toes were becoming pointed, reminding me of ballerina feet, strange… I couldn’t explain these changes and I had not told my grandmother about it yet. I wonder if she could shed some light on it, maybe this is just how Valenian women mature.
As I looked in the mirror, I caught a glimpse of the dove on my bed just before it flew back out the window. Seeing the dove take off I knew I needed to do the same. I picked up the clothes my grandmother had placed in the chair sitting in front of the vanity, and put them on. They were perfect for me! The capris fit well and the t shirt was v cut with a dark blue button down vest. I took the wide toothed brush and brushed out my hair and then took my hair clip I always wore and clipped my hair half way up. I was ready for the day.
The Fight
Julian stood on top of the lush green hilltop with her long brown hair blowing in the cool breeze. The sky was ominous along with her mood, she was ready for the fight. This was going to be the fight of all their lives. Julian knew that the Lord had brought her here for this reason. It had only been months since she had arrived in Erislan and had found out the history of her ancestors. From what her grandmother had told her the Valenians were not descended from Adam and Eve.
In the beginning, God had made Adam and then Eve from one of his ribs. Eating from the tree of good and evil locked their fate, casting them into the world and out of the Garden of Eden and soon following their son Cain’s fall from grace. But what was never told was the story of the Valenians. Through all this deceit, God knew there was still hope for his creations, they would not all have to fall from grace which is why he created Thelia.
                   Eden did not just disappear after Adam and Eve left. There were still creatures that lived in the garden, for the garden was perfect in every aspect. God wanted a creation that would love and praise him, and at the same time he would take care of them and love them. He knew that he needed to create something different than human, something more.
                  Thelia was a new kind of woman. God had made her to be more like him. She was closer to him than any other creature he had created. She was in tune with every living thing. When she was near she could feel creatures’ emotions. She could hear the heartbeat of the plants. She had respect for every creature God had made. Thelia was also connected to the spirit world.  Being filled with so much knowledge made Thelia the master of Eden. But God saw that even with all Thelia had been given she was still not complete so he made Caden. This was the beginning of the Valenians. Soon following God knew that his new creation was truly good so he made more Valenians and with it Erislan.
                     The merpeople came soon after Erislan was created. The magical thing about Erislan is that everyone has an exact time that God takes them no one ever gets killed or infected, they all die naturally. And so the first time that a Valenian fell into the sea, they were transformed into a creature that could survive in the water, for God did not want his creation to die like this. Water is a beautiful magical element that he created to bring life not death. The water in Erislan also did not contain salt, for the sea was where the Valenians retrieved drinking water. And so this is how the merpeople came to be.

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