Chapter Nine (Where to go from here)

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Chapter Nine (Where to go from here) Empty Chapter Nine (Where to go from here)

Post by Jennycat_92 on Thu Feb 26, 2015 2:20 am

Chapter 9

As Julian stood in front of the White Oak tree with her father, she thought they were both crazy. If the paste that they had create worked she was going to pinch herself and click her heels.

“okay, so what now, do we chant something or do a dance?”

James frowned at Julian, “This is not joke Julian. I know this is hard to believe but I am telling you the truth. Give me your hand.”

James took her hand and smeared the mixture they had made onto both her hands and his.

“Now hold-,” James sifted through his pockets and emerged with a pocket knife. “I remember your mother cutting two niches into the tree and pricking our hands. Then we place our hands on the tree and that is where it is fuzzy I do not know what she did to transport us.” As James spoke he was cutting into the tree, then he looked at Julian and nodding offering the knife to her. “Do you want to do the honors?” Julian looked stupefied. “Julian? It will only be a prick not even a cut,watch.” James took the knife and gently but quickly pricked the middle of his hand with the knife and a small bit of blood creating a tiny bubble formed on it.

“James! Give me that!” Julian finally yelled and grabbed for the knife. “You don’t know where that knife has been! I don’t even remembering us having a pocket knife around, where did you find it?! We’re going to have to get you a tetanus shot or something!” Julian’s eyes were bug eyed with her cheeks turning as red as a rose.

“Julian it is fine I promise. Please trust me I will not let any harm come to you or me.” James said as he grabbed her hands and searched her eyes. Julian could feel that he was telling her the truth and even though she was scared she put her trust in him, took the knife and gave her left hand a prick like James had done. “Thank you,” James smiled, as he slipped the knife back into his pocket. “Now place your hand on the cut I put in the tree and put your other hand up to mine.” As Julian did this James did it as well until they had made a semi-circle with the tree.

Julian looked at the tree then at her father. “Now what?”

“I am not sure… just wait a minute.” James said with a worried expectant look on his face.

Julian could not feel anything at first but then she felt a tingling feeling in her palm where the cut was and it was slowly getting warmer. Then she felt a shot of heat and course through her and she screamed but her hand would not move from the tree. As Julian screamed she looked towards her father and right when their eyes connected he felt the shock as well and started to scream. Then both of their worlds went black.

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Chapter Nine (Where to go from here) Empty Re: Chapter Nine (Where to go from here)

Post by Angie on Thu Feb 26, 2015 2:30 am

I do not appreciate the wizard of oz joke at the beginning!!!! But it was really cool, two niches and paste, and blood. That's pretty damn creative. Lol, it's okay you guys, the tree is actually electrified. Julian and James will wake up in a bit and realize they were shocked and try again.

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