Chapter Five (Flipped the Lid)

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Chapter Five (Flipped the Lid) Empty Chapter Five (Flipped the Lid)

Post by Jennycat_92 on Tue Feb 10, 2015 6:56 pm

Julian could hear the front door opening upstairs, quickly locked the door and ran upstairs to the kitchen. Trying to act unsuspicious, she ran to the refrigerator and opened it. Julian’s mother walked in slowly, and came to stand in front of the door Julian was holding open.

“Did you do anything fun today Julian?” Her mother said with an icy glare and a straight face. Julian slowly lifted her head from looking inside the refrigerator. Staring into her mother’s eyes, she knew her mother knew where she had been.

“Not really, I went for a walk in the garden and read some more of my book I just got from the library,” Julian said with a straight face and unwavering eyes.

“Well, doesn’t that sound lovely,” she said with a slow creeping smile.

Needing to get out of there quickly, Julian shut the refrigerator and walked to the back door of the kitchen.

“Well, I’m gonna go take one last stroll before it gets dark out!”

“Oh, well then you better grab a jacket it’s getting nippy out there. Wouldn’t want you to catch a cold, now would we?” said her mother quietly as she slowly crossed her arms.

Julian felt so shaken up by how her mother had reacted to her. It was as if she knew what was going on inside Julian’s mind. She shook her head, there was no way she knew, how could she?

Julian made her way to the woods. She needed more to go on from the frog. She walked to the very same tree that she had found him on, the first time he had spoken to her. It wasn’t too hard to find, the white oak was the oldest and biggest tree she had seen in the woods. She had no clue how to get him to manifest. So she just started talking maybe he would show up or hear her?

“Ok, Mr. frog, where are you…I want to know what you were talking about. Does my mother have something do with it…?” Julian spoke out into the growing darkness.

“Yes,” croaked the glowing frog.

Julian jumped and spun around to find him clinging to the white oak. The frog was glowing beautifully. She was stunned by how odd and fascinating this frog was.

“What are you trying to tell me?! What does it all mean?!” Julian yelled at the frog.

“Danger,” the frog croaked.

“What kind of danger? For who? Me?”

“Run….Now!” Croaked out the frog.

“You are a crazy frog, I’m not in danger! The only people that live around here are me and my mother. I am getting nowhere with you! Ugh!” Julian was fed up with the frog’s discretion and started walking back to her house.

When Julian walked through the front door she knew something was wrong. She could feel it instinctively. She saw that the kitchen light was on and moved towards it. As she got closer, a sweet aroma hit her nostrils. It was mouthwatering. When she pushed the kitchen door in, she saw her mom standing at the stove stirring a bit pot.

“Julian, you’re just in time. Soup is on.” Her mother said.

“What is it mom? It smells wonderful.” Julian replied eying her suspiciously. She was too calm. The same way she was earlier after Julian came out of the basement. It was as if she knew something Julian didn’t and it was starting to scare her.

“Just an old recipe I found earlier,” she said with a crooked smile.

She turned around with two filled bowls of soup in her hand and sit them on the table. One in front of Julian and one in front of her. Something was up and she didn’t know what. But she wasn’t stupid enough to sit down and eat that soup with her, after all Julian’s mother was crazy. Looking at her now, Julian could see the quiet, wicked, craziness glinting in her mother’s eyes, as she stared back at her.

“You know what? I’m not hungry, I think I’m gonna just head up to bed.” Julian said as she turned to leave.

“You will sit!” she yelled. “I’ve made it special, just for you,” she smiled sweetly. “And you will eat it.”

“I won’t! Stop trying to make me, I know something is up!” Julian yelled as she slapped the bowl into the floor in front of her.

Her mother raced over to Julian, grabbed her chin, forcing her mouth open with one hand and gripping the bowl in the other. Julian grabbed her mother’s hand that had the bowl in it and tried to shove it away. It was very difficult, it was like her mother had a grip of steel. Julian could feel her temper rising and tears bubbling up in her eyes, along with an overwhelming sadness of what her mother was doing to her. All of a sudden Julian had had enough and her mother went flying towards the stove hitting her head on the big pot terribly hard as she slumped to the floor.

Julian just stood there in shock. What had she just done, and when did she get so much strength? She slowly walked over to her mother and got down on one knee beside her; was she dead? Julian grabbed her wrist and tried to find a pulse, she couldn’t. She tried her mother’s neck, nothing. Julian stood slowly. She stared at the stove as if in a trance. Her mother was lying dead in front of her on the kitchen floor, but how? Surely she didn’t have enough strength to kill her mother. She slowly walked to the backdoor and walked outside. What was she going to do? With her mind racing, she raced with it into the woods.

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