Chapter Four (Freaky basement)

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Chapter Four (Freaky basement) Empty Chapter Four (Freaky basement)

Post by Jennycat_92 on Tue Feb 10, 2015 6:52 pm

Julian sat at the bottom of the basement stairs, staring at the door that might give her the answers she was looking for. She needed to know what the frog meant when he said “Val” and “forest.” Not being able to wait any longer she stood up, and grabbed the key under the wooden steps, where she knew her mother kept it. She heard the click she was looking for and pushed the door in.

What she saw surprised the socks off her! There were herbs and plants everywhere, with a long wooden table placed in the middle of the room. There were windows placed all around the room. They had dark green moss growing on them that ascended onto the walls, making it look like the windows had grown into the wall. Long tall shelves lined the three walls. Julian couldn’t make up what most of the plants were but she did notice that some of them were regular herbs used in the kitchen. Julian started to walk around the dirt dusted, concrete floor. The smell of soil made her instantly smile. It always had, ever since she was little, it was like she had an electrical pull to the earth. There were various pestles and mortars placed on the long table. It was so strange being down there yet the place felt like home.

In the middle of the table, with a wooden stool sitting in front of it, there lay a huge leather book. It was opened to a page that said dulcem mortem in bold artfully written letters. Under the bold words was a paragraph written in a foreign language. Julian flipped through the book, feeling its pages, she knew the book was extremely old by the brittleness of the pages and the cracking leather. It fascinated her. It was then she realized, her mother definitely had something to do with the strange talking frog in the forest.

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