Prologue (Magic and War)

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Prologue (Magic and War) Empty Prologue (Magic and War)

Post by Jennycat_92 on Tue Feb 10, 2015 6:42 pm

Since the beginning of time, there have been wars ravaging the world. But what no one realizes, is that war has been a part of the making of every world. The world that is seen, the present world. The world of the spirits, the world of the ancients. The worlds or realms of the past and the future. Even the worlds of creatures that cannot be fathomed with the minds we possess. Each wants something different. To the world of the spirits, the war rages over souls, after all it is a precious thing. To the world of the ancients, the war rages over whose way of life is better, for all. Does it all come down to good and evil, who is stronger? Maybe it comes down to who wants something or someone more than the other, or maybe war is really over nothing at all. Maybe it is just a feeling of rage, anger, and hate built up inside of a being to the point, that it takes over complete control of everything and everyone. All is up for debate and who is to know what is right. So many questions…

This story though…this story is about a war that starts out in the world of the present, and ends in the world of the ancients. Now before this story is told remember, take the mind out of the little box it is placed in everyday and open it up like a flower. Let it think of the unthinkable, but ask oneself is the story that is about to be told unthinkable, or just unbelievable to one in your world? This story is not about who is right or wrong it’s merely a story.

Magic is a peculiar thing in itself. Most creatures think magic is what makes things poof, into existence or move on their own. In the ancient world, this is not magic. Magic is not things happening mysteriously, it is everyday life. Magic is ancient, it is the hidden knowledge of how things work. The people of the ancient world see it as futuristic, and old at the same time. Knowledge, certain beings just do not know or cannot understand because their mind cannot believe it, or it has not evolved enough to grasp the concept.

       For example, the ancient forests, they may seem magical but really the plants and trees are evolved. They have animal instincts and have evolved into faster beings that can do extraordinary things that the present and past worlds could only imagine but never could believe. So do not think of this story as a fairy tale, think of it as a story that just has not been told yet. This is only one story out of infinite stories that could be figments of the imagination or could they possibly be real; you just did not have the knowledge of them because they were out of your grasp…

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